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'Big Love' season 5, episode 5 recap: 'The Special Relationship'

Big Love
Big Love

“The Special Relationship” premiered the night before Valentine’s Day, and oh baby, were there some big love issues. New relationships were blooming, old partnerships were withering away, and some allegiances were just getting stale.

Lois & Frank

Because of her dementia, Lois is now living full-time at the Henricksons. But that house is not a home for her. She wants out, and she wants Frank to rescue her. Yes, Frank: the husband who gave her herpes-related dementia. Frank rolls in with his truck, ready to assist in Lois’ escape-- but Bill reveals to Frank that Lois is not the same mentally and will need to be taken care of. Frank speeds off, apparently away from this responsibility. Regardless, I don’t think we’ve seen the end of days of Lois and Frank's tumultuos relationship.

Alby & Verlan

You saw the special look they gave each other last week. This week, Verlan gave a gesture to Alby about his "openness" to a potential relationship between them. Alby accepted his gesture, and with a perverse portrait of Alby stroking a lamb overlooking them, he deemed Verlan an “Albyite.” Alby makes him take a hit on Don. And yes, Verlan and Rhonda = Alby and Lura 2.0.

Nikki & Barb

Nikki was at her wide-eyed, most-judgmental worst (best). She coerces Barb into admitting she wants to be a priesthold holder. Nikki snarls at her desire and outs her to Bill. Nikki also cruelly insists that Bill wants Barb to grant him a divorce so that Nikki and Bill can marry to adopt Cara Lynn. Meanwhile…

Cara Lynn and Mr. Ivey

Cara Lynn is confused. She thinks her mother is using her adoption as an excuse to marry Bill. Everyone around her appears to be a liar. Her life feels more complicated than a calculus problem, and she feels she can only turn to Mr. Ivey for the answer. She shows up to his home and pleads for his comfort. Reluctantly, he allows her in, but not without desire in his eyes.

Barb & Bill

Barb and Bill have been married for more than 20 years. They met in college where Bill proposed to Barb at a school park bench with only $4 in his pocket. Then they raised a family together, overcame Barb’s cancer, and introduced sister-wives and six more children into the family. They have gone through a lot and are still in love. But Barb wants more. She wants to be seen as his co-equal; she wants to be a priesthood holder. Bill refuses to grant her this wish, so Barb asks for a divorce.

So who has the most "special relationship" on "Big Love"? Be sure to watch the final season of "Big Love" on HBO Sundays at 10/9 pm CST.


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  • Ted Nelson 4 years ago

    Good recap of the shows intricate relationships.

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    Thanks, Ted! :)

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    Martha Zaborowski 3 years ago

    I think it might be Roberta Flack.