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'Big Love' recap: 'Til' Death Do Us Part' - season 5, episode 7

Big Love
Big Love

While you watched the Academy Awards, I watched “Big Love.” Summary: Nicki and Bill officially get married, Frank goes to the hospital, Heather comes back for Benny (who had a 1-night stand with Rhonda), Alby continues to be evil (and erotic), and Cara Lynn advances her romance with Mr. Ivey. Here are the best moments from “Til’ Death Do Us Part”:

Best Story Direction: Based purely on Grace Zabriskie’s and Bruce Dern’s amazing performances, I’ll give the Best Story to Lois and Frank’s “can’t-live-with-you-or-without-you” romance. Lois and Frank are eating a lovely meal of KFC at their home when Frank slips and hurts his hip. Lois ignores his struggle, afraid that if he goes to the hospital, she goes to a home. She’s right. Barb suggests that Lois goes to a nursing home while Frank goes through rehabilitation, but this is a fate worse than death for Lois. Consequently, she decides to go all Romeo and Juliet on them and tries to poison Frank with pills. He’s comatose and unable to swallow, so that doesn’t work out. Later, Frank plaintively calls her on the phone: “I need you, Lois.” And she needs him.

Best Supporting Moment: Hmm, which slightly disturbing moment to pick? Seeing Cara Lynn at her teacher-beau’s home, wearing a negligee with her hair cascading down her back as if coming from a moment of passion? Rhonda encircling her arms around Ben’s neck possessively, pouting her lips, and hinting at their sexual experience? Or Alby and Verlan’s dangerous striptease? I’ll go with the last. Alby is an angry man, and his anger is definitely assisted by his repression. But he still has his “Albyite,” Verlan, at his beck and call, and he demonstrates this power by dangling money in front of his protégée to unclothe himself.

Best Moment: We knew it was coming: the Henriksons experiencing fallout from Margene’s underage marriage to Bill. Heather was having a “confession” of sorts to her bishop, to whom she spilled the news about the family’s secret. The bishop then told the cops. After Bill and Nicki’s wedding, the police show up to Barb and Bill’s to question Barb about her involvement with Margene's statutory rape.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? What do you think about Cara Lynn repeatedly calling her mom "Nicki" to Mr. Ivey? Did you notice Don’s apprehensive look after the wedding? What do you think he was thinking? What will happen to Margene and Bill's marriage? Will Barb bail? Let me know your thoughts: There’s only a few episodes left of the final season of “Big Love,” airing Sundays at 9/8 pm CST on HBO.


  • Flavia 4 years ago

    The cast is fantastic but the show, one of my favorites not so long ago, is a big old mess. Once again, too many plot lines and outlandish plots. What is the statute of limitations on statutory rape in Utah? Herpes does not cause dementia. Why is Lois still walking around attending wedding receptions after trying to kill her husband-this time with witnesses? Why would Cara Lynn bring her mother to a date with her teacher?

    Also, still hating the ham-handed intrusive scoring. Is there a new music supervisor for this season?

  • Googled 4 years ago
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