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'Big Love' recap: 'The Noose Tightens' - season 5, episode 8

Big Love
Big Love

On this week’s episode of “Big Love” (“The Noose Tightens”), the show’s ominous, harping musical chords interjected seemingly more than ever – with good reason. A lot that was haunting happened in the third to last episode of “Big Love.” Let’s recap:


Whose cult is it anyway? Is Margene’s Goji group the cult, or is her family actually the group of perpetrators? She seems to realize how hard this is for her to fully analyze, when reflecting just how young and unknowing she was when she got married. She sees the barrier of age clearly now when witnessing Cara Lynn and Mr. Ivey’s romance. “You’re hiding out with an innocent 15-year-old? What the hell were you thinking?” she snarls at Greg Ivey when confronting the lovebirds at his home. Margene’s boss at Goji, Michael Sainte (as well as the criminal investigator in her rape case), seem to think she was the one preyed upon by the Henricksons for her youth and virility, while Bill still swears that Goji is a pyramid scheme.


Isn’t it sad that even when Nicki tries to do good, it always ends so badly? Case in point: she tries to rescue a battered wife from the compound. “I am an advocate for women who can’t stand up for themselves,” she says proudly. “Don’t you want the same things I have?” asks the newly legally married wife. The problem is the woman doesn’t want to be saved. Neither does Nicki’s daughter, it appears. Ben approaches Nicki, impressing upon her that Cara Lynn needs help. Nicki refuses to believe something is wrong with her daughter, until Ben guilt trips into her thinking maybe something is wrong with her mothering skills if she doesn’t realize what is wrong. After she finds out about Cara Lynn and Mr. Ivey, Nicki confronts Mr. Ivey, hitting him wildly. This is not the end of her confrontations; she approaches her brother Alby into his hit-for-fire plot to kill her husband. She attempts to scare Alby into submission, letting him know she knows all about his dangerous, closeted liaisons (including one with his nephew). With this knowledge, Alby instead retreats into more dangerous behavior, shooting his accuser and attempted-lover Verlan. Nicki escapes his wrath—for now.

Barb & Bill

Barb is facing possible charges as a procurer in the rape case against Marge. Perhaps running out of her bottle of wine, she bakes a cake instead. When Heather tells her it was because of her confession to the bishop about the family’s secret that they are in the mess they are in, Barb slams the cake against the wall.

Bill can’t take seeing his wife bear his brunt. He has it let be known to the Church that if they drop the investigation, he will resign as a Senator. They don’t completely drop the investigation; and instead, Bill is now officially facing rape charges and possibly 20 years in jail .

How will the Henrickson family saga end? Will Margene leave? Will Bill go to jail? There’s ony two episodes left to answer questions; "Big Love" airs Sundays 9/8 pm CST on HBO.


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