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'Big Love' recap: 'Exorcism' - season 5, episode 9

Big Love
Big Love

The end is almost here. What happened during the second to last episode of “Big Love”? Or, more accurately, what didn’t happen during "Exorcism"?

Ben, Rhonda, and Heather

So Ben and Rhonda did the deed. And then Rhonda’s husband, Verlan, was killed by Albert Grant. What’s a scheming temptress supposed to do now with a baby in tow and no husband? Recruit the next husband! “I think you should marry me,” Rhonda tells sweet baby Ben. But, see, Ben’s got these feelings for Heather. And Heather reciprocates these feelings: “I think more and more we’re meant to be together,” she tells Ben. “Totally,” Ben confirms. Now comes the tricky part—telling Heather he made sweet, angry love with Rhonda. Nah, Rhonda does it for him: “Congratulations, lesbo, you won.” Heather learns of Ben and Rhonda’s evil deed and finds it totally uncool and storms off.

Nicki and Cara Lynn

Nicki is not having another statutory rape case in her household, thankyouverymuch. She attempts to put an end to the Cara Lynn-Greg Ivey romance in any manipulative she knows how way. She spies on their phone calls. She tries to send Cara Lynn to boarding school. She tells Cara Lynn “people like you don’t deserve love.” Yes, all of Nicki’s disciplinary ways are entirely misguided, but can you blame her? She was raised by Adaleen and Roman, and her brother is Albert. Open and loving partnerships are not the family norm.

Albert and Adaleen

At Bill’s behest, Juniper Creek is going down. What’s a false prophet supposed to do? Albert is to escape to Mexico to stay with Roman’s sister Salma Greene. And what’s his mother to do? Adaleen is to kill Bill Henrickson. Adaleen is eventually convinced to do so by Alby, and with her lip quivering, she bravely agrees: but not without Albert purchasing fancy, new cars first.

Lois and Frank

Frank signs for Lois’ release from the nursing home where she is staying to restart their lives together in the ol’ Henrickson house. Lois is still drifting in and out of her dementia, and has in fact gone three days in her condition. It appears Frank has at last taken value into Lois’ worth and refuses to go on living without her. Now they walk hand-in-hand in their travails.

Bill, Barb, Nicki, and Margene

The first family looks rough. Nicki has bag under eyes, Bill’s frown lines are deepening, Barb looks pale, and Margene looks frazzled. They have plenty to worry about, what with the family patriarch probably going to jail. Who will be the priesthood holder? Who will have conjugal visits? Who will change Margene’s car oil?

Margene quits Goji amidst the madness, and her friend Pam is distraught. Pam and Carl are separating. Pam can’t even go to church anymore because they can’t tithe. In addition, Barb is no longer going to the Henrickson family church; she is attending an LDS reform church where women are priesthood holders. This church doesn’t seem very accepting of the principle, however, and Bill finds this very troubling. Nicki thinks heavenly father has forsaken them, especially with her daughter gone wild and burning books. Nonetheless, Bill is standing strong and providing his wives with support. They in turn show him support by visiting him at his office and bringing food.

It was a bad night to visit. The elevator ominously opens and we hear gunshots directed towards the security officer. It’s Albert, thirsty for vengeance after his, Barb, Bill, and Adaleen’s confrontation in his gas station. Bill shoots Albert in the arm and tells him “It’s over.” Is it?

What do you think will happen next? How do you feel about the series ending? There’s only one episode left of “Big Love.” Catch it next Sunday at 9/8 pm CST on HBO.


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