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'Big Love' recap: 'D.I.V.O.R.C.E' - season 5, episode 6

Big Love
Big Love

We're only 5 episodes away from the conclusion of "Big Love." Here's what's happening with the Henricksons in the episode titled "D.I.V.O.R.C.E":

Lois and Frank

It's feeling like old times for Lois and Frank. Frank lies to Lois. There's a knife in Lois' purse. Lois is planning Frank's murder. And in some ways, they now have been brought to back to a time so long ago, when it was just Lois and Frank and no sister-wives. The wives have learned of Frank's venereal disease and have left -- (Frank tells Lois it's because he kicked them out to take care of her). Frank takes Lois to a beach and lets her know she has been "out" for 2 days in her dementia. Lois informs Frank she has not forgiven him but she won't kill him. All they have left is each other, she tells him, but she also makes him promise he will kill her if she's out for more than 3 days in her condition.

Ben and Heather...and Rhonda

Heather admits to Ben that she has been seeing a boy at BYU, which Ben doesn't take very well. Meanwhile, he's been hanging around newly married Rhonda and her baby, being duped into beliveing she's a changed woman. Her husband Verlan hasn't killed (or kissed) enough for Alby quite yet, so he hasn't been able to provide enough bacon for Rhonda and the family. Rhonda then goes to work at the strip club to earn some cash where a lonely Ben drops by and kisses her. Ew.

Cara Lynn and Mr. Ivey

Continuing the culture of "ew" are Cara Lynn and her teacher Mr. Ivey. Now they're making out all the time and falling in love with each other. Nicki doesn't know a thing and is instead focused on learning calculus and getting Bill to marry her.

Bill and Barb

Yes, Barb and Bill are going through with the divorce. He plans on marrying Nicki, but he leaves Barb in charge of the family finances. Sugar hits the fan, and Nicki rightly accuses Bill of leaving Barb in change of the finances because he doesn't want to lose Barb entirely.

Barb is experiencing so many transformations in her life. She drinks, she dances, she doesn't take sacrament, and she's getting a divorce. She feels she should be a priethood holder and seeks a mentor in her mother's former friend, Renee Clayton. (Nancy and Renee had a falling out years ago because Renee has grandiose feminist ideals and is a lesbian.) Renee counsels Bill, Barb, and the wives, but they cannot come to an agreement about Barb's religious views. The paper divorce now feels real.

Do you have guesses on what's to come for the Henricksons in the final episodes? My thoughts: It feels like Rhonda and Heather might figure into Ben's life in a big, polygamous, loving way. It's almost like Heather = Barb and Rhonda = Nicki. Lois and Frank seem to heading towards a meaningful (albeit sad) conclusion together. Margene's admiration for her boss appears to be too deep to ignore. And for me, Barb and Bill don't feel over at all. Their paths are changing, but I think they will converge in some way again. Your thoughts?

Be sure to watch Big Love on HBO, Sundays 9/8 pm CST.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Who sang the closing song "Bridge over troubled Water? One of the best renditions excluding the orginal.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Roberta Flack

  • Profile picture of sammy y
    sammy y 4 years ago

    Great review, Martha. Only one point you missed: Alby (after sharing the ew liplock) told Verlan he had meetings with lawyers and real estate people- he's obviously the one behind taking over the Home Plus building lease that Bill and Don were talking about. Once again, Bill threatens to pull money from Alby and Alby returns fire.... how boring is this.....

  • Flavia 4 years ago

    Alby and Verlan are gross. Ben and Rhonda are gross. Cara Lynn and her teacher-God how predictable (and gross.) And seriously, I need you to be wrong about the Ben/Heather/Rhonda story. I will take hostages if the series ends this way (also if Barb and Margene don't leave Bill finally.)

    Does it also seem far-fetched Frank's wives would leave him over some Herpes? It's not like Frank hasn't been a horrible husband from the get go. Why would this matter on top of everything else they already put up with from him and where would they even go? It seems to me they'd have been long gone already if they could just leave.

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