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Big Lots: A grocery shopping alternative

Cascadia Farms cereal on clearance
Cascadia Farms cereal on clearance
Renise Black

If your budget is being slammed by the increase in gas prices at the pump then it’s time to consider some alternatives. It may be surprising to some but there are grocery shopping alternatives outside of Publix and Kroger. One often overlooked option? Big Lots. Yes, Big Lots!

When it comes to grocery shopping, going to your local Big Lots, will definitely bring savings to your budget. Compared to a Publix or Kroger Big Lots offers amazing prices that a grocery store just cannot.

Big Lots groceries are basically the Tuesday morning of grocery stores. They specialize in dry, nonperishable goods that are getting close to their expiration date, that grocery stores do not want to carry but the manufacturer wants to still sell. These good are months away from experiing and are still perfectly fine to eat. So we as the consumer benefit by getting them at amazing prices. For example, recently at Big Lots Cascadia Farms' 13oz Organic Multigrain Squares cereal box was on clearance for $2.30. Or what about Wegmans brand Thai cooking stock for only $1? Can you say bargain?

We all know that as gas prices continue to go up so do grocery prices, manufacturers pass the price on to you. As it is gas is projected to be between $5 and $7 a gallon by summer. So a gallon of whole milk that only cost $2.30 last summer could easily be $3.50 a gallon by the summer. And that is just one grocery list staple.

What Big Lots sells

There are several Big Lots stores in the Atlanta area and each store is a different size and the grocery selection varies as well. For example the store #1497 at 4200-M on Wade Green Road in Kennesaw is pretty small with a small grocery selection. But visit the stores on Glade Road in Acworth and Highway 92 in Woodstock and you will get a much bigger selection with a lot more choices to choose from.

They sell organic dry goods, cereals, pasta, canned goods, cat food, toiletries, snacks, spices and baking, to name a few. Once in a while they will even have specials for 20% off your entire purchase. These are unadvertised coupons but a great deal if you can get one.

We are all looking for ways to save money and eat healthy. The argument here is that Big Lots is worth at least one visit. Go to your local store and just walk around. For savvy shoppers Big Lots is a hidden secret that many are not aware of. Now is your chance to find out too.

To find your nearest store go to Big Lots store locator website and search by zip code or city/state.


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