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Big K.R.I.T. and Columbus' finest artists are indeed Radio Ready

Big K.R.I.T. performs at Skully's in Columbus along with Submuloc, Flam Feeva, Khil, Meechie Nelson and C10 of Omnibreed.
Big K.R.I.T. performs at Skully's in Columbus along with Submuloc, Flam Feeva, Khil, Meechie Nelson and C10 of Omnibreed.
Emanuel Wallace | Eva Noslen Photography

Back in February, Columbus' Power 107.5 kicked off their first annual "Are You Radio Ready" contest. Hundreds of artists battled as they competed for prizes that included airplay of their winning song, studio time, product development and a promotional tour sponsored by Pepsi, among other prizes. By the time Friday came around, those hundreds had been dwindled down to a mere five.

Big K.R.I.T. live onstage at Skully's Music Diner this past Friday as part of Power 107.5's "Are You Radio Ready" finale
Emanuel Wallace | Eva Noslen Photography

While the actual contest was to be decided online, the final five took to the stage at Skully's Music Diner for one last performance before the winner was announced. Submuloc, Flam Feeva, Khil, Meechie Nelson and C10 of Omnibreed all had a chance to rock the mic one final time.

In addition to presenting the "Radio Ready" finalists, the night would also see a performance from 2011 XXL Freshman alumnus and Def Jam recording artist, Big K.R.I.T., who is just coming off a month-long tour to support his recently released and extremely popular Return of 4Eva mixtape.

Although the fans were spinning, the atmosphere in Skully's was a bit warm and the crowd began to get anxious as the DJ blasted tunes by Pimp C, Killer Mike and Columbus-based, J. Osceola. Around 11pm, the performances finally began as Submuloc appeared on the stage and was greeted by a chant of "Sub-mu-loc" that was started by his supporters in the crowd. Dayton's Flam Feeva was next up to bat he engaged the crowd with some call-and-response by yelling "O-H" as the audience fired back with "I-O." With a video playing in the background, Khil made his way to the stage and performed a handful of songs, concluding his set with a song dedicated to a friend who passed away. After a bout with some technical difficulties, the Three Olives vodka-toting Meechie Nelson began his set which ended with him diving into the crowd. In addition to the aforementioned Submuloc, there was also a heavy amount of support for C10 among those in attendance, as many sported C10 t-shirts. He closed out the finalist performances with a high energy set that featured his Omnibreed brethren and a masked dancer.

The "Are You Radio Ready" contest winner has not been officially announced yet, but we should find out soon.

The crowd began to get restless around 12:45am and some even began to doubt if K.R.I.T. was even in the building although it had been announced several times that he was. DJ Wally Sparks came out to set up his tables and soon the crown began chanting "Big K.R.I.T." as the smoke from an unnamed controlled substance started to fill the air.

"R4 Intro" started to play and build the crowd's anticipation as they waited for the Meridian, Mississippi native to finally hit the stage. Wearing dark shirts and Army fatigue shorts, K.R.I.T. and his partner in rhyme, Big Sant rushed onto the stage to the tune of "Return of 4Eva" and quickly followed up with "R4 Theme Song." For the remainder of the show, K.R.I.T. went back and forth between hits from last year's K.R.I.T. Wuz Here and Return of 4Eva, which was released less than two months ago. Amazingly, the crowd knew nearly every word to the newer songs like "Time Machine," "Rotation" and "Sookie Now" as if they were dropped years ago.

The concertgoers were diverse in age, but they all seemed to greatly appreciate the Regina Belle sample that closes out "My Sub" as they sang along with the track. K.R.I.T would go on to perform other hits from Wuz Here like "Moon & Stars," "Glass House" and "Children of the World." Big Sant spent a bit of time in the limelight as well when the duo performed "Made Alot." The show was beginning to wind down, but not before Krizzle performed "Dreamin" (rapping the last verse a cappella) and "Country Sh*t" (opting to swap out a portion of the beat for David Banner's "Like a Pimp") and diving into audience to finish out the song.

After taking a few moments to catch his breath, K.R.I.T. closed out his set with the same song that brings Return of 4Eva to a close, the somber-but-deep track, "The Vent." He started to head off stage, but a hungry crowd chanting and clamoring for more prompted K.R.I.T. to turn around and perform snippets of two more songs, "Shake It" and "Highs & Lows." before exiting stage right for good.

Download Return of 4Eva from Big K.R.I.T.'s official website

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