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Big iPad Air, iPad mini deals appear as new iPhone 6 details leak

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Big iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display deals are appearing more and more as the October launch date for the new iPad Air approaches, according to a Sep. 1 article in AndroidOrigin. For example, from now until Sep. 6 consumers can get an iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi model for just $399.00 at Staples—a $100.00 savings.

The iPad Air is Apple's flagship iPad which can run iOS 8 when this operating system becomes available this fall. In short, the iPad Air will still be a top-of-the-line tablet after the iPad Air 2 appears in October.

The iPad Air 2 may have 2GB of RAM (twice the 1GB RAM of iPad Air) and Touch ID—the fingerprint security system found in the iPhone 5s. The iPad Air 2 will also probably have the next generation A8 processor and a better camera. The iPad Air 2 may also sport the motion coprocessor like the iPhone 5s although this is questionable.

Ever since the iPhone launch in 2007, Apple adds at least on “killer” feature to each model. In the case of iPhone 6, if the leak at Recode is correct, the killer feature in iPhone 6 is going to be mobile payments. That is; iPhone 6 users may be able to purchase items at a retail store or gas station through iPhone 6 without taking out any credit or debit cards from their wallets.

Recode reports that Apple has already developed partnerships with American Express and Visa to make mobile payments a reality in iPhone 6. Many Apple watchers surmised last year that the Touch ID feature introduced in iPhone 5s was a step toward creating a mobile payments platform.