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Big Horn Canyon Hunting Ranch

Gaming Foul
Gaming Foul
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Hunting is tradition that many people now a days, don’t consider a family vacation, but maybe they should. Many people don’t realize that some California mountain ranges offer deer, wild pigs, bears, antelope, elk sheep, wild turkey hunting and more. Big Horn Canyon Ranch is just a 90-minute drive from Los Angeles. The ranch offers hunts 5 days a week, overnight stays and BBQ areas. They also offer skinning, quartering and taxidermy services for your convenience and pleasure for years to come.

All hunting begin early in the morning. They ask that you arrive at 6:30am. As soon as you’re ready to go, we sign you in and send you out on your own. All hunts are semi-guided. The first couple hours of the day you are left to go out and hike the property and allow you to do your own spot and stalk adventure. Most hunters are done with their hunt by about 2-3:00 in the afternoon.

The ranch has many animals. Although, they cannot guarantee any species on any specific hunting day. The ranch will hold spots for you but cannot guarantee animals.

Reservations are usually booked out at least 2 weeks in advance, but occasionally they can take last-minute hunters. There is a $100 per person non-refundable deposit to hold spots.

Cost is charged per animal (either $475 or $575 depending on what species you harvest), and in addition to that, $25 or $50 for butchering (depending on which option you choose).

Equipment you may want to take with you include: binoculars, bright colored clothing, hiking boots, ice chest and ice & drinking water.

Included in the cost is you’re guide who will periodically check on you during the day. He will also haul your animal out for you, give you a ride around the ranch, skin/gut/quarter your animal or do a complete butcher, and be available to help you on your hunt day. Tipping your guide at the end of the day is appreciated because of their hard work.

The ranch is located in Southern California in the Inland Empire. Directions are given after a hunt has been booked.

For Reservations Call:
1-951-202-1722 or


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