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Big Grand Rapids venues ban e-cigarette use

There’s been discussion in the Michigan Legislature about the regulation of e-cigarettes, but there have been no laws passed. Though it is legal to use e-cigarettes anywhere, it ultimately up to the business on whether you can "vape" inside. Because e-cigarettes do not have tobacco, there is no law that mandates what age a person has to be to buy e-cigarette products or where they are used.

Some large Grand Rapids venues are banning e-cigarette use at their establishment. Grand Rapids-based Goodrich Quality Theaters is among those businesses who have banned e-cigarette vaping. The company believes vapor from e-cigarettes looks like regular tobacco smoke and can be a distraction for others watching a movie. When staff sees someone using e-cigarettes, they ask them not to. Grand Rapids-based Celebration Cinema has adopted the same policy. Customers complain because e-cigarette vaping looks much like smoking. To enforce the whole policy, big venues believe it’s beneficial to ban every kind of cigarette – electronic and tobacco.

All local business can decide whether to allow e-cigarettes on their premises. Among those who already have policies against their use are many hospitals, restaurants, movie theaters and public universities. Those establishments are covering e-cigarette vaping under the no-smoking policies they have for tobacco.

Most Grand Rapids area businesses still have no policy against the use of e-cigarettes. Some e-cigarette users have said they have discreetly vaped in bars, restaurants and college classrooms, and staffers didn't mind after they learned it wasn't a traditional cigarette. Ultimately, e-cigarette users can freely vape anywhere, with the exception of most big venues and the occasional establishment who will prohibit it.

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