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Big Georgian Bay Pike in June and a special day fishing Jordan’s point

jordan aaron and leon
l dube

Little has changed in the 20 plus years since I started fishing the waters of the Georgian Bay near the French River on Lake Huron. Walleyes are elusive, Bass are not yet off their spawning beds, and flashy spoons produce lots of pike in early summer. The list of required tackle is relatively short. Anglers targeting summer pike should always include Williams Wablers size 60 and 70, Mepp’s Syclops in both half ounce and full ounce sizes, Johnson Silver Minnow weedless, and golden Doctor spoons in their repertoire of tackle.
This year was particularly special. The usual group had a new member and first timer to the Canadian fishing adventure in seven year old (soon to be 8) Jordan. The wild and often unpredictable nature of this sort of fishing trip would have been enough to seriously warrant my opposition to the inclusion of such a young member of the group but Jordan had proven to me on several occasions that he was far beyond the maturity level and was capable of handling such unforgiving conditions.
“He’s a remarkable boy,” I told his father, one of my oldest and dearest friends. “If I didn’t think he could handle it I’d tell you.” As it turns out I was right. Jordan had garnered nearly “seasoned veteran” status by the trip’s end. It took him no more than two days to learn the rules and skills necessary to minding his line while trolling, fighting a fish with the rod tip held high, casting to points, shoals, and weed lines, and concentrating his efforts on having a good time and catching as many fish as possible.
By the end of the trip, young Jordan had been bestowed the high honor of having a particular stretch of productive water named after him. Due north of the line of rocks commonly referred to as Batt Bay Wall on the edge of the north channel of the Georgian bay, there is a rocky point peninsula. Jordan managed to hook, fight, and land two beautiful, Northern Pike before myself or his father could so much as wet a line. He caught the fish on a metallic blue, half ounce Mepp’s Syclops.
From this day forward, that area will be known as Jordan’s point. He has earned naming rights for his achievements there on mid-June Pike fishing trip in June of 2014.

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