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Big 'General Hospital' spoilers: Is AJ Quartermaine going to live or die?

Sean Kanan
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

AJ Quatermaine has been dealing with a lot lately on "General Hospital." A man burst into his house and tried to kill him. Now Sonny has shot him and fans want to know if he will survive. On March 5, Celeb Dirty Laundry shared news about how this could all end.

AJ remembers what actually happened the night that Connie was shot. Ava was not happy to hear this news at all. He confronted her and things went downhill from there. When Sonny stormed in, he had no idea that Ava had just confessed and then he ended up shooting AJ.

Fans want to know if AJ is going to die or live. You should be happy because he should live through this one. There are no plans for actor Sean Kanan to leave the show that have been revealed so there is nothing to worry about. One spoiler says that later this week his son will rush to be by his side so he is obviously still alive at that point. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out though. If they do kill him, that would be one of the best kept secrets ever.

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