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Big Foot carcass on tour with Rick Dyer: Sold-out viewings of 800-lb beast

A Big Foot carcass is on tour with the man who said he shot the 800-lb beast, none other than the infamous Big Foot hunter Rick Dyer. Dyer’s Big Foot stories have been debunked to the point that he finally had to admit he donned a gorilla suit for one of the Big Foot hoaxes he conjured up in the past, according to ABC News on Feb. 23.

Big Foot body: Dead Big Foot named "Hank" touring the country with Rick Dyer, infamous Big Foot Hunter!

Despite his previous hoax, this time is different, which is what Dyer wants you to believe. The dead Big Foot he is taking on tour in a big pine box is the real deal. He is going under the old adage that “seeing is believing” and he is bringing his proof in the form of a big dead body of a Big Foot.

Not only does Dyer want to show everyone that Big Foot does exist, he wants everyone to pay to be able to see this for themselves. While Dyer has pulled some fast ones in the past, this time he knows people will find he is credible in delivering Big Foot on this tour.

Dyer named his dead Big Foot “Hank” and he is dragging Hank across country and Monday Feb. 24, Dyer and Hank are at the Alamo Drafthouse Theatre in Katy, Texas. They will move to the Drafthouse Theater in Houston on Tuesday. Believe it or not, Dyer and Hank have sold out the house at both places.

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