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Big Daddy V passes away

Nelson Frazier, Jr., the wrestler famously known worldwide as Mabel, Viscera and Big Daddy V passed away on Tuesday, February 18. He was 43. He died after a massive heart attack, only four days after his birthday.

WWE made a statement about his passing early this morning, officially confirming his departure.

The gargantuan wrestler began wrestling at the age of 22, starting out primarily in the USWA as part of the Harlem Knights.

The duo quickly signed with the World Wrestling Federation. They were rechristened Mabel and Mo and paired with rapper Oscar to form Men On a Mission (MOM). The duo was a surprising hit with the young WWF crowd thanks to their PG raps and charismatic look and style. The duo briefly won the WWF World Tag Team Championships in 1994.

Shortly thereafter Mo went out with a leg injury and Mabel embarked on a solid singles push that saw him featured on all the major pay per views in 1994. When Mo returned the duo turned on Oscar and turned to villains. Mabel then received another massive push as a singles star, unbelievably winning the 1995 King of the Ring and then challenging Diesel for the WWF Championship in the main event of SummerSlam ’95, followed by a lengthy rivalry with The Undertaker.

He left the WWF in 1996 and worked the independent scene before returning to the WWF in early 1999. He was quickly abducted into Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness and rechristened Viscera. He was more of a foot soldier during this second run and saw much less success and was released again in August 2000.

After another run through the independents, Viscera returned again in late 2004, once again as a hired gun for various villains. In April 2005, Trish Stratus brought him in as an ally against Lita and her “husband” Kane. This led to Viscera slowly changing his gimmick into the World’s Largest Love Machine, an oversized lothario.

That gimmick was played more for comedy, and he found himself again on the low end of the card, despite tag teams with Val Venis and Charlie Haas and an on-screen romance with Lilian Garcia.

In June 2007, he got one more chance at life when he was drafted to the ECW brand. There he was rechristened Big Daddy V and took on a look much like Abdullah the Butcher and brought on Matt Striker as his manager. He received a substantial push once again, and found himself on various pay per views in rivalries with men such as CM Punk and Kane. A year latre he was drafted to SmackDown but was released once again August 2008.

Since then Viscera has worked extensively on the independent scene, found success in All-Japan Pro Wrestling in 2010-2011 and did some professional acting.

According to the thoughts that his colleagues have posted in the 24 hours since his death, Nelson Frazier was an incredibly well liked man and performer. Among his peers he was known for his kindness and generosity and underrated talent inside the ring.

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