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Big City Farms creating a network of organic farms

Workers a Big City Farms selling fresh produce
Workers a Big City Farms selling fresh produce
Photo by Francine Halvorsen

Big City Farms, a for-profit company in Baltimore is leading the way in urban farming. The organization is building a strong and growing network of urban organic farms. Big City farms operates year round supplying restaurants, local and urban groceries with fresh green produce grown from farms within 24 hours of harvest.

Big City Farm is very dedicated to ensuring that their organic farms are having a minimal impact on the environment.
“Big City Farms sustainable biological farming methods, solar heating technology, and minimal supply chain minimize pollutant runoff to streams and oceans, rejuvenate blighted urban land, reduce carbon emissions and urban heat-dispersal, and conserve water.”

The company doesn’t just stop at creating urban farms, but their also trying to involve and support the communities in which they serve.

The for-profit company aims to employ and educate the residents of Baltimore about sustainable organic farming.
Big City Farms believes that they are making a huge impact not only on the environment, but socially.
“For each acre farmed, we’ll create 5 living-wage, year-round jobs with worker-ownership opportunities in the urban core, where jobs are accessible by mass transit to communities experiencing high unemployment.”

You can find Big City Farms at the 32nd Street Waverly Farmers Market on 221 Ridgemede Rd., every Saturday from 7:00 am-12:00pm.

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