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Big cats at the Coosa River Catfish Tournament, Peregrine Falcon Web Cam

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Northwest Georgia Coosa River fishing. The Coosa river is known for its bi ol’ cats, and if you listen to the fishing stories you will hear of cats the size of a Volkswagon. Flathead catfish is one of Georgia’s largest sport fish.

Fishing for the cats is done most successfully by using their natural prey, shad

The catfish are in prespawn right now, so they are putting the feed bag on full tilt. Big chunks of bream or shad, hand-sized, and get ready for the challenge of reeling them in. Checkout slideshow pictures for the winners of the Coosa River Catfish Tournament. It looks like a good time. Noodling these fish is not for sissies.

Peregrine Falcons Web Cam

The fish aren’t the only ones laying eggs in the spring. The Peregrine Falcons are the fastest birds, taking dives at speeds of 200 miles per hour. ‘Click’ on the link to the ‘live cam’ and watch the falcons in action. The egg was laid in March and the fluffy white falcon was born mid-April. You sure couldn’t tell by looking at it though, it’s as big as the adult falcon.

Raptors, Peregrine Falcons mate for life

Do some raptor watching. The cam is ‘high def’ and is fixed atop the Sun Trust Plaza, more than fifty stories high above Atlanta. The birds have a planter that they have made their nest into. All known falcon nests are in the city of Atlanta, suitable cliffs and outcroppings are the birds home of choice-free of predators and the insecticides-DDT which brought them down in numbers in the mid 1900’s according to the Georgia DNR site.

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