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Big Canadian PR campaign push for Keystone pipeline falls flat

Keystone protestors
Keystone protestors
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

A $24 billion taxpayer-funded ad campaign was launched by Canada last year in the Washington D.C. area, which focused on trying to convince legislators to support the completion of TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline.

But a Canadian survey found that few people paid attention or got the intended message.

Ads appeared in local publications, on buses and in metro stations touting what a great friend and neighbor Canada is and claiming to be "America's best energy partner,” and using the slogan "America and Canada: Standing together for energy independence."

Marketing experts claimed it was too mild-mannered and most people thought it was just a declaration of friendship between the two countries.

The indecision on Keystone has put a strain on relations between the two countries.

The poll revealed that only 11 percent even connected keystone to the ads out of 750 people surveyed, with 3 percent thinking it was a push for Canada’s oil production.

According to CBC News, Christopher Sands, an expert in US-Canada relations at the Hudson Institute in Washington found the campaign too anemic and uninspiring.

"It was too Canadian; it was very polite. You were not saying anything particularly controversial, just reminding us, by the way, we’re your friends," Sands said.

Currently, the controversial project is being held up by litigation in Nebraska where a judge ruled in favor of landowners against the pipeline on imminent domain issues. The Obama administration has signaled it will wait for a resolution.

Meanwhile, Democrats have sent a letter to the White House asking for health considerations in the overall decision

Many Canadians don’t want the pipeline to be completed, either, but what’s at stake is the ever-increasing battle over continuing fossil fuel production or fighting for a global present and future free from t

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