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Big business interests target Congressman Justin Amash in primary

Amash targeted for defeat by big business supporters
Wikimedia Commons - U. S. House of Representatives

Justin Amash (R-MI) is being targeted for defeat in the primary this year because he doens't vote to spend taxpayer money on corporate welfare. A coalition of interest groups that represent big business, including the United States Chamber of Commerce, are supporting a primary challenger to Amash because he's one of the few members of either party that goes to Washington and stands up for the interests of his consistuents, and in doing so, consistently votes against corporate special interests. Amash is a libertarian-leaning Constitutionalist Republican who consistently advocates limited government, liberty, and opposes the abuse of government power to support special interest groups. He also serves as Chairman of the Liberty Caucus in the Congress.

Conservative talk show host Mark Levin recently discussed the challenge to Amash on his radio program, saying, “There's this congressman Amash, and he's from Michigan, and he votes consistently against big government, consistnetly against corporate welfare, consiistently against government subisidies for corporations. So guess who's tagetting him in the primary...the United States Chamber of Commerce AKA Crony Capitalism.”

Politico reported in May of this year, in a story titled “Establishment takes on die-hard tea partier,” how Amash is being challenged by the big business special interest groups and their allies. Amash is being challenged by Brian Ellis in the August 5 primary for the seat in Congress he was elected to in 2010 and 2012.

Politico reported, “Members of the Meijers family, owners of the massive Midwest supermarket chain, are all in behind Brian Ellis, Amash’s Republican primary challenger. As are the political arms of Home Depot, Dow Chemical and the International Franchise Association.” The story also report Amash receiving donations from the Club for Growth and the Koch Brothers.

“Because my vote explanations shine a spotlight on Congress, I’ve upset people who are used to operating in the dark,” said Amash in a statement. “They don’t like having their votes exposed as fringe and outside the mainstream.” It should be noted, must of what is considered mainstream inside the beltway is very much fringe and extreme to most Americans, such as the exessive levels of federal spending that have lead to the more than $17 trillion in national debt. Americans know that none of us could operate our own personal and household budgets that way, but members of Congress consider that to be perfectly reason and continue to run the country that way.

“These corporatisits, who use government...get favorable laws and appropriations to subsidize them, to benefit them against their competition...they now run the Republican Party,” Levin said, expressing disgust with how the Chamber puts its own interest ahead of those of the country or the American people.

Speaking about the head of the United States Chamber of Commerce, Levin said, “Tom Donaghue, he's bipolitical...he'll make deals with the Democrats, he'll make deal with the Republicans, whatever it takes. They crush small business, they crush the indiviudal, they crush entrrepreneurship.” The Chamber of Commerce is becoming increasingly more politically active, supporting corporate welfare and amnesty, both of which are economically beneficial to big business. In addition to that, the Chamber is now more active in rewarding members who vote for their agenda in Congress with support, and targeting those who don't vote for their interests, such as Congressman Amash.

“They're pouring tons of money into these primaries, not only to support incumbents now, but to defeat an incumbent in Michigan because he will not toe the line. It's like the mob,” Levin said. Levin also pointed out that the Chamber of Commerce is who Senator McConnell, Speaker Boehner and other Republican leaders in Congress go to for money. Voting against the interests of corporatists and for the interest of Americans is precisely what draws opposition to members like Amash from those interests and the Republican leadership.

On his campaign web site, Amash describes himself as “Justin Amash is frequently recognized as America’s most accountable and transparent congressman. He earned this reputation by becoming the first and only member of Congress in the history of the United States to explain every vote he takes, which he does through his official congressional Facebook Page.”

His web site also states, “Justin takes seriously his oath to support and defend the Constitution. He has been a principled and consistent defender of limited government, economic freedom, and individual liberty.”

This is one member of Congress who really does work for us, we the people, representing his district in Michigan but standing up for supporters of liberty across the country. This is one member of Congress that we the people need to support and help keep in office, and we need more like him.

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