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Big Bugs Invade Cheekwood

David Rogers' Giant Ant
David Rogers' Giant Ant
David Rogers' Big Bugs website

Nashville will need to watch out for Big Bugs; starting on May 23, 2014 the big bugs will be invading Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. The art project designed by David Rogers will be part of the summer presentations at the botanical gardens.

The exhibit will host at least eight large sized bugs created by the artist. Bugs include a Daddy Long Legs, a Praying Mantis and Giant Ants. All of the bugs are created through fallen trees, twigs, sticks, bark and other natural materials. Along with the bugs there will be two interactive pieces which will allow guests to climb on and explore.

Folks wanting to see the Big Bugs will need to get there before the summer’s end. The Big Bugs exhibit will be ending August 31, 2014, so there will be a few months for folks to see those Big Bugs around the grounds at Cheekwood.