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'Big Brother:' Unexpected winner of veto

Julie Chen engaging host on Big Brother
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

The episode of “Big Brother” last night was full of surprises and gave much insight into several houseguests. Paola and Donny were up for elimination and Caleb remained as the HOH following Sunday’s first “Battle Of The Block” competition where Victoria and Brittany prevailed and thus, put Frankie who had nominated them back as a regular houseguest with no power in his hands.

It must be pointed out first that Devin is for all intents and purposes losing his composure, he lies to Donny goes as far as crying and then turns around and explains that he is just playing the 42 year-old but in reality feels that he, Donny, is some sort of ex-military maybe even a former Seal…What might bring this up, perhaps Donny’s upper body strength…? By the way, Donny has none, but by Devin asking if Donny is really who he says he is, now has warned this that he is not trusted even though Donny continues believing in Devin. Sounds like a soap opera, and well, “Big Brother” is indeed just that a drama-filled cast of characters conniving, lying and breaking promises: that’s what makes this show fun.

Then it was time for the HOH to choose the first 4 houseguests who would be the HaveNots for a week, and luckily for Caleb, Hayden, Joey, Brittany, and Cody went ahead and volunteered to eat slop icicles, and sleep in a frozen room wearing gloves and with just one emergency blanket each; they might regret their choice as the week progresses. Joey then proceeded to gather all the women and announce that an all girl alliance should be formed, but no one went for it and worst of all Devin who is in an all guy alliance caught wind of what was going on, and Joey trying to do some damage control fess up to what she tried to do, nevertheless, placed a big target on her back.

Then it was time for the Power Of Veto competition and those playing were the nominees along with the HOH and 3 other randomly selected houseguests and those were Zack, Victoria, and Cody. And this consisted in the players throwing themselves in a make believe lice swamp and through the murky water search for letters that they would in turn place on a board and spell the longest word in the shortest amount of time. That was a wrench thrown for those who rely on brawn to win every single competition, there were several misspelled words and even one that Paola invented in the spur of the moment, but at the end it was Donny who with the word S-P-L-I-T- T-E-R-S took the win and with that removed himself from the chopping block. Caleb then found himself in the need of choosing a houseguest to take Donny’s place and he chose Joey.

Tonight the first houseguest of the season will be voted out and a new HOH will be crowned. America has a say in an alliance by voting online at and have 3 houseguests do its bidding throughout the house, and Joey was the first member of this alliance, how it will play out if she gets voted out will be interesting to find out.

“Big Brother” runs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT, Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT, and Sunday at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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