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Big Brother This Season & Big Brother After Dark

After Dark
After Dark
Gaia Best

An update on my Big Brother review and insight from a psychotherapist's perspective.

With the voting off of Nicole this week, we see that the guys have taken control of the house, well all the guys except one who was never in that alliance. Instead, those guys chose Christine, who is actually like "one of the guys". In actuality Christine is more male than lets say Frankie.

Christine is one of my least favorite players as she has no mind of her own and turned against her best friend to just do whatever the guys say for her to do. She is such a loser and clueless. We will see her fall away to the flies soon.

The cop is running the show and he is an astute liar. Spends most of his time in manipulation. What a con job.

It's getting painful to watch the histrionics of Frankie who calls himself a "mogul". Talk about a case of delusional thinking. I am sick of his grandiosity and don't give a >.... (hoot) who his sister is. He is going to head out the door and as far as I am concerned, the sooner the better. What he does is not entertaining. It's pathetic.

Cody is someone for the women to watch out for. Every time he attempts to hook up with one of them, they go home. That guy is emotionally out of touch and it makes him psychologically dangerous. He is a bit of a pawn really. No backbone. Any guy that wants to caress a married woman as ugly as Christine, is not someone that would appeal to any young woman with half a brain.

Talking about half a brain we can now talk about Victoria, which won't take long, cause there is nothing intelligent to say there. She is a classic ditz.

Zack is a Whack Job, Caleb lives in a delusional state. That about sums it up. Hope Nicole reenters the house, she sure deserves to take another shot at this group of losers!

Positives about this season? Yeah! One big one. No one smokes cigarettes!

Stay tuned.

Gaia Best

ex therapist...

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