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'Big Brother' spoilers: Live feeds reveal Team America spoilers, more BB16 drama

Julie Chen is hosting season 16 of 'Big Brother' this summer.
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

"Big Brother" spoilers from the live feeds reveal that the latest Team America vote has been revealed. Among these new "Big Brother 16" spoilers is that Donny and Derrick will need to vote against the majority and then blame other people during the next eviction ceremony. According to a report from Big Brother Network on Thursday morning (July 31), this is a result from the vote by fans of the show and it is causing a rift among the three houseguests on Team America.

Frankie and Derrick were the first two of the group to discuss the latest challenge and they decided (surprise) that the easy target to blame would be Zach. The duo felt that the challenge would also be an easy one to accomplish and woke up Donny during the middle of the night (2 a.m.) to tell him about it. Donny was groggy at first, but came to understand what they were telling him. He then stated that it would be a bad idea to do this task and that they should decide to pass on it.

Even though Donny wants no part of it, because the other two are telling him that he has to accuse someone in public, it looks like Derrick and Frankie will be pushing hard to get him to participate in the ruse. It's certainly a departure from Donny's typical behavior in the house, though, and could really hurt his personal game. What these live feed "Big Brother" spoilers go on to reveal, is that Frankie wants to vote Donny out of the house if he doesn't follow through with the Team America challenge.

The next episode of "Big Brother 16" will air on Thursday night (July 31) according to the main CBS web site. It's unclear whether producers will show any of what has transpired or simply wait till the weekend like they typically do. These discussions were pretty involved and intense and it will be very interesting to see if Donny, Frankie, and Derrick go after Zach and Caleb when the voting is complete. It could certainly shake up the biggest alliance in the house and create a lot of producer-inspired drama.

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