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‘Big Brother’ 16 spoilers reveal HOH, nominations, Battle of the Block winners

Devin (L) and Hayden are seen posing in the 'Big Brother' season 16 house during Caleb's Head of Household reign.
Devin (L) and Hayden are seen posing in the 'Big Brother' season 16 house during Caleb's Head of Household reign.

After Amber and Devin were both seen winning the title of Head of Household on the July 3, 2014 episode of “Big Brother,” each was quickly required to nominate two house guests for eviction, according to Joker’s Updates. Apparently, Devin was allowed to choose who he would put on the nomination block first, leaving Amber to choose from the remaining contestants.

Spoilers from those watching live feeds broadcast from inside the “Big Brother” house indicate who was chosen by the two HOHs. Devin picked Paola and Brittany, while Amber chose Hayden and Nicole to sit on the eviction block. One of these pairs, however, was already able to successfully save themselves from the risk of leaving the “Big Brother” house by winning the Battle of the Block.

According to Joker’s, the nominees who were victorious in the Battle of the Block were Hayden and Nicole, which means for now, Paola and Brittany face eviction. This also means that Devin is the sole reigning HOH for the entire week.

But, things could change for Paola and Brittany depending on who wins the Power of Veto competition. If the cast mate who wins the POV decides to save one of them from the eviction block, Devin must then replace that individual with another house guest. According to the live feeds, Devin has already stated he would never nominate Donny, so the highly likeable groundskeeper is probably not in danger this week. Paola, according to Joker’s, has revealed that she believes Victoria will be nominated for eviction if either she or Brittany is saved.

“Big Brother” season 16 airs on Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, with live eviction shows airing on Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS. In addition, “Big Brother: After Dark” is airing Monday and Tuesday nights at 11/10c, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at 12/11c, and Thursdays at 1/12c on TVGN.