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'Big Brother' Season 16 controversy: Is Caleb Reynolds the next Aaryn Gries?

Julie Chen is the host of "Big Brother"
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Last year “Big Brother” was plagued with controversy after controversy. Season 15 was one of the most talked about seasons, leading to stellar ratings. When fans found out the network renewed “Big Brother” for another season they were a little shocked. Aaryn Gries became a household name, but not for anything positive. According to a June 25 report from the Chicago Tribune, Season 16 of “Big Brother” may already have controversy. One of the new contestants, Caleb Reynolds has used racial and homophobic slurs on social media prior to entering the house.

Tonight is the first night of the two-part Season 16 premiere. It has been a long wait since the Season 15 finale, and fans are eager to get to know the 16 new house guests. The news about Caleb Reynolds has been brought to the network's attention, but there has been no comment. New casting procedures were talked about going forward, but there has been no confirmation the casting for Season 16 was any different than during previous seasons.

Of course, it wouldn't be reality television unless one of the “Big Brother” cast members made it with TMZ. According to the article, Caleb Reynolds' family and friends are already coming to his defense regarding the homophobic and racial remarks. They genuinely believe he is not racist or homophobic. What is the difference between Reynolds and Season 15 “Big Brother” contestant Aaryn Gries? Gries family waited before coming to her defense, Reynolds family is already deflecting negative press before the season begins.

With all of the attention “Big Brother” is getting before Season 16 even airs, the ratings should be just as good as last summer. Tonight fans will meet eight of the contestants and watch them get acquainted with their new living quarters. Tomorrow night the next eight will follow suit. Buckle up fans, it looks like Season 16 may be crazier than everyone originally thought.

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