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Big Brother Season 16 & Big Brother After Dark

Another Season
Another Season
Gaia Best

Big Brother Season 16 & Big Brother After Dark are working their way towards the end of the season and the last HOH competition appears to have been brutal on the remaining houseguests.

It's been an unusual season in a number of ways and because I have been watching over the years and I also am a psychotherapist, I can't help but add in my astute observations of this group of remaining hopefuls for the half million dollars.

Here are some thoughts. The cop, Derrick, has been running the game in the smartest of ways. He let's everyone else get blood on the hands, doesn't alienate the players and wants everyone to thing that he has their back. He is not only a con, he is cunning.

He is the one playing BB and everyone in it. He clearly is smart and manipulative in a way that continues to make everyone believe he is the nice guy, going along for second place. Think again house guests. This guy has everyone fooled.

It will be interesting to see their reaction to the fact that in his real life he is a Police Sergeant.

I am sicker than sick of Frankie and his antics. He is so tiring that I almost stopped watching BB after dark cause I get sick of his "full of himself" demonstrations. I would love to see him leave the house. The sooner the better. He may think that America loves him but I sure don't and I don't give a ....... who his sister is.

He needs lots of counseling and deep issue therapy in my Expert Opinion. Do I want the job? NO Thanks. I have had enough of Frankie.

I do appreciate that he has brought this group together though to be pretentiously loving towards each other.

His veil has been lifted to show the jerk that he really is.

Christine is my least favorite. In fact, I can't stand her. When she comes on BB After Dark, I shut the volume off. I hate her laugh, her face and her jealously towards Nicole is beyond annoying. This girl lacks insight. She is desperate and grasps on to Cody as he is paying attention to her and she can't be without that for a second. This woman needs help beyond what therapy can provide. She is one of those people that if you see them walking down the sideway, cross the street and walk the other way. She is demonic. I can't feel sorry for her because she is controlled by her inner demons and thinks that's cool somehow. She needs to leave the house and poison and taint the jury house for the rest of the season. My God this girl has no integrity what so ever.

Once I saw her husband, I understood how she can be so bizarre in her behavior. What a psycho case this one is.

Cody has been dipping in the ways of the vampire, demo energy but is also attracted to the purity of Nicole, who is playing a sweet and honest game.

Nicole is my favorite this season. You can watch her on BB After Dark, avoiding the conflicts, smarter than the rest, refraining from the childish behaviors of the other stupid house guests. She is a gem. So glad she is back in the house. Her light shines and it brings out the darkness in the others so they want her gone. The horrible ones in the house can't stand her because she stands for the light. They don't know that. They live in unconsciousness. She is conscious, aware, real and awesome. I love who she is!

I don't want to bother talking about Caleb. Everyone who knows anything about Obsessive, Compulsive disorders is on to Caleb. He lives with that and his delusions. What a loser.

Another person hanging out in the house doesn't deserve mention even. Victoria, you look so lost, you are lost and you are in need of resuscitation. You are bizarre. Insight therapy won't work on her. She is a goner.

Cody has a chance at being a good guy and a good player, but his looks have cause him some self deception. Too bad he prefers to dump women when they get close to him. He could benefit from therapy as he is not lost yet.

This is one group of deeply disturbed, emotionally unbalanced house guests and it's just one big happy, pretend family, that deserves NOTHING. I would rather see BB give the money to a necessary charity then these basket cases. Except for Nicole, and that is why they team up against her. She is actually fairly normal in a house of bizarre, acting out, emotional basket cases. Derrick could be saved and Cody too, but they do love that dark part of themselves.

How can people love these nut cases?

You have to ask yourself.

Well, this is the area where I tell it like it is to the readers.

Don't be afraid to look deeper into what goes on in the BIG BROTHER HOUSE..

For now...

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