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Big Brother Season 16 and the wounded cowboy

The cast of Big Brother 16
The cast of Big Brother 16

With this season of Big Brother rolling along, I have noticed many live feeders commenting about how boring Season 16 tends to be. I asked myself if it’s really boring or if I am still having a hangover from last year’s cast?

Last year I almost quit watching the show. With all of the racist remarks, bullying and outright mean behavior, I couldn’t stand seeing any of the houseguests winning the $500,000. I felt the fish were the most deserving due to the lack of care they received.

Season 16 of Big Brother has come full circle to have the same impact on me as did Season 15. The year began well, introducing us to people I thought might be entertaining, play a good game and be good sports. I was so wrong.

I’m beginning to think the Big Brother casting crew searches for people who are a few fries short of a full-meal deal or who are likely to be known floaters. The season opened with the “Beast-mode Cowboy” (as he likes to call himself), known as Caleb Reynolds.

Caleb grabbed hold of the cylindrical competition equipment and began to make animalistic sounds that could only come from a wounded gorilla or someone who is definitely into himself, big time. After seizing the prize of HOH, Caleb dubbed himself a beast. Then his game went into the Big Brother toilet when his eyes met houseguest Amber’s. His eyes had switched to a different prize.

There is certainly nothing wrong with a showmance. We all love to watch two people fall in love in the Big Brother house and become immediate targets for that undying love. However, Beast-mode forgot to take into consideration the one point that might make a huge difference - Amber wasn’t in love with him.

Caleb began campaigning. Not to keep himself safe from anything, but to win the love of his “fallen angel.” After many failed attempts to win her love, he knew she would love him back if only he could eat the one thing he hated the most - a pickle. He told her he would eat a pickle only if she would go on a date with him. Amber agreed, I think mostly to shut the bumbling beast up.

With pickle in hand, he set out to win the heart of his queen. After plenty of drama, he finished off his green nemesis, beat his chest and awaited the perfect moment to set his girl’s heart on fire with a date in the Big Brother backyard.

Caleb was hoping the date would work, as he had tried everything else, including kissing her on the forehead as she slept. He chose the caveman approach and threw a pillow at her head while she was sleeping, I guess to knock some sense into her. When that didn’t work, he tried the mighty pickle.

After the date, Caleb soon found out that Amber wasn’t really into him (shocker!). He retreated into the hoodie of his onsies, donned Amber’s rabbit slippers and bad attitude to pout for a while. After listening to more lies from the alliance members and dwelling on his pain and crushed pride, he knew he had to do what a good cowboy would do. No, not move on. That would be silly.

Boast-mode cowboy chose to put Amber on the block and scare her into liking him. What else do you do to the woman who “bites the hand that feeds her?” He informed the rest of the clan that she could and would go on the block, where they would scare her enough so she would love him forever and then they could send the other person home instead. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the rest of the boys had something else in mind…

The cowboy would ride solo on this plan. Amber was going to be sent home, like it or not. The group of Frankie, Zach, Derrick and Cody were going to ambush our heroine and then ride off into the sunset with a set of smoking guns. They devised a plan to lie to Caleb about not sending her home and to lie to Amber as well. But cowboy didn’t fall for the whole plan. He asked questions. After hearing different sides of the story, he wondered what was going on in the Big Brother house. He talked with Amber.

Amber convinced him that she was not after him and that she didn’t deserve to be put on the block. Caleb agreed and set out to save his beautiful target.

The boys made sure that the word got back to him that Amber had targeted him and he was so hurt he wanted to get her out. Amber had suggested that her game was ruined because of the undying love and affection of the cowboy. Caleb had become known as “the stalker” in the chat rooms due to his constant hovering over Amber. He was getting to the point of no return when it came to her.

When Caleb began to ask questions of Frankie, he knew it was time to give it up. Frankie informed Caleb of the whole idea that Amber was wanting to put him up and the rest of the story as told by the group. The alliance had Caleb whirling with resentment and his heart was crushed. Now he was out for revenge. He vowed to make her remaining days in the house a living hell.

If the boys in the house would have thought about this long and hard, there was no need for the extravagant plan, as Amber was being sent home. She could not have put anyone up on the block or anywhere else for that matter. Instead, we had loads of lies told, backstabbing and anger. I guess it made for “good TV.”

This whole drama begged the question, “Can Big Brother be played without lying? Can we, as human beings not turn on each other for a half a million dollars?”

The game of Big Brother exists as a social experiment. That is fact. While it is inevitable that someone will lie on the show to save their derrieres from being shipped home, why is it always the case? Must we lie to play a game like Big Brother?

Amber was sent home and the damaged cowboy returned to the ranch. But the whole drama sure enlightened me as a viewer and fan. Is this game worth watching? How many years does it take before we figure out it’s pretty much the same year after year. Big Brother is a game of deceit, of lies and of backstabbing. But does it always have to be? People watching the feeds are consistently wanting alcohol poured down the gullets of everyone in the house to bring out more drama, including fights. Is this how we need to get entertainment?

We look into the game play of one Donny Thompson, co-houseguest of Caleb. Donny is America’s favorite, as he goes into his schedule mode of preparing himself for bed every night at the same time. He loves his mom and dad, his sister and brother and adores Big Brother. Donny is a groundskeeper for the school system in his small town. He lives simply and doesn’t expect much but gets excited about the little things in life. This man and his game play might sound boring to some, but Donny has kept his honesty, integrity and personality in check while playing the game. He has made it this far and even if he does get voted out, he will be making some money in jury. It’s all anyone could hope for in the wild game of Big Brother and he has made his girlfriend and family proud.

So, do we need to lie, cheat, backstab and hurt each other as human beings in the game of Big Brother? I would like to think not. I liked Frankie, Cody, Zach and Derrick until I heard them scheme against Amber and Caleb. I personally thought the tactic went too far and created a situation that could have eventually been physically harmful to Amber. If there were any chance either of them could have been friends after the show, I think the line of trust was crossed over too far. I doubt Amber will have anything at all to do with the wounded cowboy.

It’s not that I don’t like the boys in the alliance as much as I really hope that I am never put in the situation to act like they do. I know it’s just a game and it’s Big Brother, but I feel setting up a plan of hurting someone else (two people) like that is just uncalled for. Caleb had already shown he was too far in to the woman of his dreams to act appropriate, such as throwing the pillow, etc., so why antagonize a wounded, not-so-grounded, love saturated cowboy?

So the game goes on and as we tip our hats and ride into the sunset, I see another year of twisted game play gone awry. Another heart is broken. Another has found love and friendship. It’s another year of Big Brother. Another experiment to be talked about for years to come. To shake things up a bit in the Big Brother house, what if we had a cast of people like Donny and Jordan? What if everyone told the truth?

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