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Big Brother's Frankie Grande: America's player turns America against him

Big Brother 16's house guest Frankie Grande was the one to beat once the season started in June.

Frankie Grande rape jokes
Frankie Grande rape jokes
Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images for Nickelodeon
Big Brother Frankie Grande
Photo by Larry Busacca

He was Ariana Grande's brother and with his funny stories, and lovable nature he was even chosen as one of the three America's Players for the reality show. He was the star of the show in all of America's minds and hearts, but now it seems like the only ones who love him are his family, and himself.

Frankie Grande has turned into America's hated and with good reason.

From the moment he shared that his sister was Ariana with the houseguests, America saw the beginnings of the Frankie that was never known.

Egotistical, selfish, ruthless, and mean.

Granted this is a show where you have to play dirty sometimes to win the money, they all lie, cheat, and call each other names.

Frankie may have gone too far.

While in the HOH room with his alliance members, Derrick, Cody, Caleb, and Christine after a night of drinking, Christine jokingly asked the guys to not flirt too much or have sex with Victoria.

Frankie then laughed and said with a wink;

“I think you both should double team her. I think you should take all of her virginities in one night. All of them.”

Cody, who looks visibly uneasy laughs a little and says;

"Oh no, that is so foul"

TMZ shared the video here.

TMZ was contacted by Victoria's family after the incident and they are not happy at all. They feel it was a rape joke and are angered that CBS and the Big Brother producers did not stop him from saying it. Her mother said this;

“I want Frankie to imagine people saying this stuff about his sister and see if he thinks it's funny.”

They are demanding an apology from Frankie and his family.

Ariana has not mentioned the incident as of yet though many of her fans have posted on social media how disgusted and angered they are with Frankie.

Frankie has always been one who has made what many call gross, vile, and sexual comments in the house and about the other houseguests. He has freely touched, grabbed, kissed many of the male houseguests while on the show, though the other houseguests do nothing to deter him from it.

This time though, he may have crossed the line and it may have hurt his reputation.

Based on the live chat feeds, and the Big Brother forums, America wants him gone and he has become someone who is hated now instead of loved. Frankie still seems to believe he is well loved by viewers but once out he may be shocked.

As of now Frankie is still safe in the house though it seems he is on the minds of the other HG's as one who should get evicted soon.

What do you think of Frankie's actions and comments? Are his comments on par with last year's houseguests racist and sexist comments or has he taken it way too far?

Big Brother airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights on CBS.

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