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'Big Brother:' New season of twists and turns

Julie Chen host on Big Brother
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Yes indeed, summer is here and a new chapter on the “Big Brother” saga began on Wednesday night. There will be 16 houseguests living in a tree house type of décor, for 3 months and cut off from all outside contact, no television, no internet, no cell phones…

The first 8 contestants were introduced; Paola a DJ, loud and the one who believes herself above everyone else, Donny, a 42 year old bearded man who mows lawns for a living and still lives at home with his parents, however, realistic and has watched every episode of “Big Bother”, Cody, a jock, fit, young and impressionable, Frankie a dance instructor, with pink hair who is Ariana Grande’s brother and hopes to keep this a secret for as long as possible, Amber, a model, tries not to but in reality seems to use her looks to get her point across, Nicole, only 21 years old, and by her own account somewhat corky, Devin, an ex-professional baseball player who is now a single dad to his 6 year old girl, and Joey, a make up artist with blue hair and could be the one that eventually gets mad at everyone and alienates herself.

They are told to move in the house in groups of 4 and they are surprised because the house is set for 16, and yet alliances already start to form, the first is all of them will protect each other, but then Devin spoke to Donny about protecting each other, and the 4 girls united hoping that one of them will ultimately win the grand price, they named their alliance ‘El Cuatro’ which means the four in Spanish but Nicole is still yet to figure out what these words mean…

They were then summoned to the living room and informed that 1 of them will be the first Head Of Household, but another twist this year is that even if you are HOH, it doesn’t mean that you are safe from eviction, now that was a stunner, because that has always been the point of winning HOH having the chance of surviving another week, and they were told as well that the house will get crowded pretty soon. Amber and Frankie were the two remaining in the competition and upon Amber realizing that she would not be saved, by her own admission gave up on the challenge and only Frankie was left standing.

The other 8 will also compete for an HOH and they will nominate 2 houseguests each for eviction, but at the end of the week only 1 HOH will remain standing; lots of twists and turns and this promise to be a memorable season of this awesome show. America has voted as to which contestant they will like to have in their alliance, 3 houseguests are to be chosen and this will play a major role in the course of the competition. A short introduction was given of the other 8 contestants, which will enter the house tonight, since this is a 2-night premiere.

“Big Brother” runs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT, and Thursday and Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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