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'Big Brother:' Hilarious group of houseguests

Julie Chen host on Big Brother
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

On Thursday night the conclusion to the premiere of “Big Brother” played out, and the other eight houseguests entered the house; Victoria, who thinks herself the best that humanity has to offer…ok, moving on, Caleb, a buffed up individual from Kentucky that hunts and calls himself a metro sexual male, who can don a cowboy hat, but just as easily put on the hair jell, Brittany a gorgeous mother of three who just got out of a 10 year-marriage, Christine, a barrista, -coffee server-, who loves being naked, Derrick, who is not just a police officer, but has worked undercover in narcotics and he definitely wishes to keep his ability of reading into people, a secret. Zack, hilarious guy who does not want friends, is self-centered, and only thinks of himself, this is all by his own admission, Jocasta, a minister who believes prayer will get her to win the $500,000 grand prize, and Hayden from CA, who looks life a surfer, but does not surf also quite a character.

They entered the house and the screaming began, all trying to get along for the time being, and then Julie Chen, -the host-, announced that the next HOH competition would take place, and Caleb took the win, who does not wish to hide the fact that he is there to win and will use his strength to do just that, but he is likeable and intelligent. And with all guests in the living room and both HOH decided, Julie announced that each head of household will pick two houseguests for elimination, and these pairs will compete in a new battle called “ The Battle Of The Block” and the winning team will dethrone the HOH that nominated them and thus making him or her, a regular houseguest that could be evicted.

Then the first member of Team America was announced, and it is Joey, and voting for the second member opened up and it can be done on All these new twists have thrown a wrench in what the houseguests expected to do this season based on previous years, it is now a whole new game with the chances of being eliminated at an all time high. This will be the greatest season yet, and whoever survives it all, will definitely earn the $500,000 grand prize and will be the ultimate “Big Brother” player.

“Big Brother runs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT and Thursday and Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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