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'Big Brother:' First houseguest is evicted

The always gorgeous Julie Chen host on Big Brother
Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images for The Weinstein Company

On Thursday night’s episode of “Big Brother” the two houseguests nominated for eviction just pranced around without worries, Joey sitting on her chair being overzealous in her pretending that she had no worries, really was disturbing. Then she claimed having a male alter ego named Alex, who behaved in an overbearing manner and got into other houseguest’s faces claiming that she was not afraid of anyone and that they all would suffer the consequences of believing in a group that was vying to vote her out.

Her behavior was not amusing, and could underline a deep routed sign of someone who for lack of a better word is not stable, and if kept in the house eventually would alienate everyone by such awkward and weird attitude escalating to who knows what type of results…. She was the first member of America’s Alliance, a second one was chosen and it is Donny, someone who is not deceitful and cunning enough to pull sabotages as it is expected from this 3-person alliance.

The live vote to evict a houseguest ensued and all 13 houseguests said one name and that was Joey, her behavior undoubtedly left no question as to who needed to leave the house as soon as possible. Then the competition for two Head Of Households began and the group was divided in women and men, Emma was the first winner and then Cody, however, there seem to have been a foul and upon the tape being reviewed it was asserted that indeed Cody had touched the ground before ringing the buzzer, so that meant that Devin who came in second was the winner on the men side.

It will be interesting to see who these two new HOHs nominate for eviction and then “The Battle Of The Block” will be played in which two nominees will save themselves and thus dethroned the HOH that nominated them. The recaps of previous episodes and information on “Big Brother” can be seen online at

“Big Brother” runs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT, Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT, and Sunday at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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