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‘Big Brother’ fans brace for eviction; Donny Thompson never was trusted in house

Julie Chen will reveal the evicted house guest on Big Brother
Photo by Joe Kohen/Getty Images

The fans of “Big Brother” have been in the eviction mode ever since Wednesday night. As the reality show sheds more of the popular contestants, the remaining players have huge targets on their backs. Perhaps that’s why Donny Thompson should be going home. According to CBS News on Thursday, last night’s episode seems to solidify Donny’s fate in the “Big Brother” house this week. That’s right, it appears that Donny is going home as he seems to be the most likely contestant to be evicted.

In the game of “Big Brother” the competition shifts in the house literally from second to second. However, fans of Donny Thompson will agree that the house never really trusted the competitor and he really didn't fit as well as other contestants. For some reason, it seems that he was kept around to be the floater in the game and it might have worked to the advantage of some players.

That’s definitely not how America perceived the contestant. In fact, Zap 2 It is reporting that the contestant is immensely popular on the series this season with viewers. While there are some contestants who want Donny to stay, it appears that Cody had convinced the majority that Donny needed to go and that’s where things stood when everyone went to bed.

If Donny gets evicted on Thursday night, fans of “Big Brother” are going to be extremely disappointed in the decision. Of course, that’s all part of the competition and it might make Donny richer if he is voted to be the most popular house guest at the end of the competition.

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