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‘Big Brother’ Evel Dick alarms fans with bloody head injury photo on Twitter

'Evel' Dick Donato of 'Big Brother' fame posted a bloody Twitter photo that alarmed fans on Thursday evening, writing he believed he had been hit be a car.

Evel” Dick Donato of ‘Big Brother’ fame took to his Twitter page on the evening of April 17, 2014, and posted a bloody photo of his face with injuries that looked serious. According to Big Brother Spice, fans were worried about him after seeing the image and reading the message he tweeted, which read, “Pretty sure I got hit be a car, but I have no memory of what happened… at all. Pretty sure I have a concussion too.”

Fans began asking questions of Dick, and he responded by posting, “I probly need stitches and should be at the hospital, but I barely made it home. Man, am I gonna have a headache tomorrow.” Although some likely speculated that Dick may have indulged in some drinking that could have impaired his actions and his memory, he indicated that was not the case, tweeting, “I had 2 beers all night, no not drunk.”

Big Brother Network reports that Dick’s many fans pleaded with him to head to a hospital emergency room to get evaluated and treated, but he said he would rather stay home. Some of his followers tweeted Jun Song, another “Big Brother” alumnus, who is friends with Dick, to alert her to the issue, according to Big Brother Spice. In the early morning hours of April 18, Jun wrote, “…I’m trying to get in touch with him :( “

Later on in the day, Big Brother Network received word from one of Dick’s friends who had updates on the matter. The friend said that Dick was “resting up today,” but did not indicate exactly what his condition was or what happened to him.

Finally, around 7 pm ET, Dick again took to his Twitter page, writing he still has no memory of what happened to him, but that a friend is taking him to the hospital tomorrow to get checked out. He also noted that the injury took place as he made his way home on his bike and remembers being on the side of the road when he came to. Although in the photo he looks like he and his bike probably took a pretty hard hit, Dick made sure to let followers know the bike “is fine.”

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