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'Big Brother Canada' spoilers: Who won HOH for week 4?

Who won HOH for next week on 'Big Brother Canada'?
Who won HOH for next week on 'Big Brother Canada'?
Photo credit: Shaw Media

When Thursday's episode of “Big Brother Canada” ended, viewers were left hanging with the Head of Household competition. Who is the new HOH for week 4? Thanks to the live feeds and Big Brother Network on March 20, fans know the answer and have some great “Big Brother Canada” spoilers to ponder.

This week the houseguests faced an endurance competition where everybody had their hands on a podium. They had to stay holding on as a winch tried to pull them away. Of course the last one standing won HOH. Heather was out of the competition quickly, but ultimately Rachelle won HOH. She went on to name Heather, Adel, Sabrina and Arlie as the have-nots for this week.

Who will Rachelle nominate this week? There have already been plenty of discussions amongst the various houseguests regarding nominations, but it doesn't seem that there's a solid plan in place as of yet. Stay tuned for more “Big Brother Canada” spoilers throughout the weekend as the houseguests consider their options on this coming week of “BB Can” season 2.