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'Big Brother Canada' spoilers: Who won POV for week 4?

Will go down with the POV for week 4 on 'Big Brother Canada'?
Will go down with the POV for week 4 on 'Big Brother Canada'?
Photo credit: Shaw Media

Things are definitely getting interesting on “Big Brother Canada” season 2. The nominations for week 4 have been made, but the Power of Veto may throw a big wrench in the plans. What are the latest “Big Brother Canada” spoilers? Big Brother Network shared the latest on March 24, and fans won't want to miss them.

As it stands now, Allison and Heather are the week 4 nominees. “Big Brother Canada” spoilers via the live feeds indicate that the POV competition has already been held, and it was a prizes and punishments challenge. As it happens, Allison won POV.

The POV ceremony will take place Monday afternoon, and obviously Allison will take herself off the block. Who will go up against Heather? So far it is looking like there is a plan to put Ika up and backdoor her. Will the other ladies turn so quickly on Ika? Right now it looks that way, but fans will have to stay tuned for more “Big Brother Canada” spoilers. Would you like to see Rachelle nominate to take Allison's place?