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‘Big Brother Canada’ Kenny Brain’s 'impressive' nude photos leaked on web

Although the man in the revealing selfie photos look a lot like recently evicted “Big Brother Canada” season two house guest Kenny Brain, his face is not seen in the picture. But, according to an April 18, 2014, Dlisted report, the tattoos of the man in the headless images match those of Kenny’s perfectly.

Nude photos of a man purported to be Kenny Brain from season two of 'Big Brother Canada' have been leaked on the Internet.

Big Brother Spice also reported on the NSFW photos of Kenny, who shocked his fellow house mates just prior to his eviction by revealing he is gay. Big Brother Spice wrote, “both women and men found him to be utterly delicious” and said the nude images were “impressive.”

Kenny is a working model, who was born in Newfoundland, but currently lives in Montreal, according to his Instagram page. He had entered the “Big Brother Canada” house with the intent of hiding his sexuality in order to get further in the game by flirting with some of the single women in the posh pad.

According to Kenny’s Slice bio, he is 25, and describes himself as ambitious, intelligent, and confident. His “Big Brother” idol is United States player Britney from seasons 12 and 14 because he believes she “knew what to say and when to say it.” Kenny added that he thinks Britney is sharp and wished she was his friend.

Kenny also indicates that if he had to choose a player from the first season of “Big Brother Canada” to take to the final two with him, he would choose Peter Brown over Gary Levy because he believes Peter “didn’t have that good a social game.” As far as his prized possession, Kenny said it is his dog, noting he has never been away from her any significant length of time.

He revealed that his strategy entering the “Big Brother Canada” house was to be everyone’s buddy and appear as non-threatening as possible, saying he would even be willing to throw challenges. Kenny also hoped that he could sit back and let everyone else pick one another off, so he could start making big moves at the end of the game, but alas, he never got the chance.

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