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‘Big Brother Canada’ 2 spoiler: Double eviction takes out 2 major house guests

A double eviction sends two house guests packing on 'Big Brother Canada.'
A double eviction sends two house guests packing on 'Big Brother Canada.'
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Two players left the “Big Brother Canada” 2 house on April 10, 2014, as a double eviction sent them packing, according to a Hamster Watch tweet. One of those who left was a major player and the other his close ally. It was expected that Sarah, or “Mumsie,” as the other “Big Brother Canada” house guests affectionately call her, would be walking out the door, however, the second eviction was a surprise.

After Sarah was voted out, the cast members dueled it out for Head of Household, which was won by Neda. Sabrina and Rachelle were nominated, according to Hamster Watch. During the veto competition, Arlie was victorious and it is still unclear, but it appears he used it on one of the women on the block.

Apparently Kenny was chosen as a replacement nominee by Neda and was then backdoored as a power player who many of the house mates feared would win the game if he was not evicted. During what Hamster Watch is calling a live “feeds flash,” Arlie could be seen trying to explain Kenny’s eviction to a teary-eyed Sabrina, who was part of Kenny’s alliance.

Many “Big Brother Canada” fans tweeted after reading spoilers about the double eviction, such as @BB16Gossip who wrote, “OMGGGGGGGG THE SPOILERS ARE PERFECT!!!!! Finally a double eviction that goes my way!!!!” and @LT_Mizzou19, who posted, “What ppl don’t understand is it will be more entertaining without Kenny cause nobody will be able to stop the trainwreck named Sabs [Sabrina].”

Some fans were not so happy with who was evicted in “Big Brother Canada’s” double eviction, as BigBroJunkie or @89razorsskate20, tweeted, “Have to be honest no[t] so happy with the DE spoilers but it is what is!” And, of course, Kenny’s Beard or @BBCANKensBeard added its two cents with, “I’d tweet but I’m currently drying my tears with my beard.”