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'Big Brother 2014' spoilers: Who will be evicted in week 2?

Will Zach Rance be safe from eviction Thursday on 'Big Brother 2014'?
Photo courtesy of Shaw Media, used with permission

Another “Big Brother 16” houseguest will be evicted Thursday night and fans are anxious to see just who will head out the door. This has been a wild week, as “Big Brother” spoilers from the live feeds have indicated. After Devin claimed HOH and also won POV, he's got Paola and Zach on the block. Which one seems likely to be booted? Big Brother Network covered the details on Thursday.

This has been a particularly busy week 2 in comparison to some previous seasons. The target for eviction has moved and moved again, it seems, but it is looking like Thursday's evictee may not be all that dramatic a choice after all. At this point it is looking like Paola Shea, or Pow Pow, will be evicted. Zach Rance was at risk for a bit, it seemed, but he has rallied hard to ensure his safety.

Given the chaos this week, many houseguests are a bit on edge. This next Head of Household will surely be more critical than most typically are at this point of the season, as some alliances are a bit shaky. “Big Brother” spoilers via the live feeds and recapped via Buddy TV, and shown briefly on Wednesday's show, indicate that the houseguests have already been practicing for the competition. It will be something of a croquet game where the players try to get a ball into a net.

This is the kind of competition that doesn't necessarily pinpoint favorites for the win. It often comes down to luck more than skill, but fans will have to tune in to see just who prevails. Many viewers are anxious to see Devin gone, but it is going to depend on who wins the two Head of Household spots and the Battle of the Block. Who will be most at risk in the coming week? Fans will have a good idea of that answer as “Big Brother” spoilers are revealed via the live feeds after Thursday's show.

Who do you think will be evicted Thursday? Will Devin be targeted after all of the week 2 shenanigans? Tune in to “Big Brother 2014” airing on CBS on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights to see what kind of drama takes place in week 3.

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