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'Big Brother' 2014 spoilers: Nominations, New HOH revealed for 'Big Brother 16'

Big Brother 16 is fully underway for the houseguests.
Big Brother 16 is fully underway for the houseguests.
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

"Big Brother" 2014 spoilers are coming in droves. A lot has gone on in the house, with new "Big Brother" 2014 spoilers including the results of the Battle of the Block competition, the Head of Household (HOH) that is now in power, and the two nominations left on the block. According to a report from Big Brother Network on Friday (June 27), quite a bit has already happened in the house before the season premiere even aired on CBS.

Those fans watching the Thursday night episode (June 26) saw that Caleb became the second HOH in the house. He joined Frankie as the two people in power and host Julie Chen had instructed them to each name two nominees for eviction. Frankie nominated Brittany and Victoria, while Caleb nominated Donny and Paola. When Brittany and Victoria won the competition, they came off the block and it removed Frankie from power.

In the "Summer of Twists" the "Big Brother" 2014 spoilers are going to come fast and furiously. On Friday the house will participate in the first Power of Veto competition, helping determine who the final nominees for the week will be when they finally get to the first pretend live show next Thursday (July 3). As the live feeds have just turned on, it won't be easy to figure out whether there is someone at serious risk other than Donny and Paola in the house right now.

The CBS web site for the show has done a good job at getting people interested in "Big Brother 16" and it will be very interesting to see if fans keep turning out to vote for the new "Team America" promotion that they have going on. Basically it is an idea where the fans vote for three members in the house and they then carry out tasks voted on by the fans. That could put a new twist on things as the summer starts to progress.

The weekend is likely to be filled with many new "Big Brother" 2014 spoilers as the POV competition and ceremony play out. As for the next episode of "Big Brother 16," it will air Sunday night (June 29) on CBS at 8 p.m. PT/ET.