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'Big Brother' 2014 spoilers: Huge twists coming to 'Big Brother 16' this summer

Julie Chen is back as the host of 'Big Brother 16' this summer.
Julie Chen is back as the host of 'Big Brother 16' this summer.
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

"Big Brother" 2014 spoilers are going to really surprise fans. Huge twists have been revealed for "Big Brother 16" this summer and these 2014 spoilers could really set up an interesting season. According to a report from Entertainment Weekly on Wednesday (June 18), host Julie Chen used her morning show "The Talk" to reveal some big news about how the hit reality TV show will work this time around.

The biggest piece of information from this scoop is that there will be two people designated as the Head of Household (HOH) each week. It hasn't been revealed how they will get selected on a weekly basis, but it was also hinted at that they will each get to name two nominees. That could mean as many as four people could be on the chopping block for eviction each Thursday night. It's a huge shift in the show that could alter game strategies.

The main site for the show has been advertising that a two night season premiere will begin on Wednesday, June 25 and continue through the Thursday, June 26 episode. It will serve as an elongated introduction to the new cast and really get fans excited about what might take place in the house this summer. As the big day gets closer, expect even more "Big Brother 2014" spoilers to come out about the cast itself.

There are a lot of questions that still have to be answered by producers and host Julie Chen. She hinted during a recent announcement that the HOH could even wind up being nominated, so it's possible that one HOH could nominate the other one during the ceremony. It will be interesting to hear just how the block will work as well, because it seems to present the potential of six non-voting houseguests each week.

With less than one week until the "Big Brother 16" premiere on CBS, it's time to start purchasing those live feeds and getting ready to watch "Big Brother After Dark" once again. The most twisted summer yet is nearly here.