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'Big Brother' 2014 spoilers: First HOH comps take place in 'Big Brother 16'

Julie Chen has opened another season of the hit CBS show 'Big Brother.'
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

"Big Brother" 2014 spoilers are already pretty juicy. Though the first episode of "Big Brother 16" hasn't aired, information is already leaking. The first major "Big Brother" 2014 spoilers reveal that the first HOH (Head of Household) competition has taken place in the house. According to a report from Big Brother Network on Tuesday night (June 24), the first eight houseguests have entered the house and participated in the first competition.

Joey Van Pelt, Amber Borzotra, Frankie Grande, Nicole Franzel, Paola Shea, Donny Thompson, Devin Shepherd, and Cody Calafiore are in that first group of competitors. This season producers have split the competitors in half, with each group participating in an HOH competition right away. While it hasn't been explained fully, there will be two houseguests with the HOH title each week in the house. They will also each get to select nominations. That group will be shown entering the house on Wednesday (June 25).

According to these "Big Brother" 2014 spoilers, the members of group two will move in to the house during the Thursday night episode (June 26). Those competitors are Brittany Martinez, Caleb Reynolds, Christine Brecht, Derrick Levasseur, Hayden Voss, Jocasta Odom, Victoria Rafaeli, and Zach Rance. It has already been suggested that they too have already completed an HOH competition, leading to the assumption that there are already two people in power within the house.

As has been advertised on the main CBS site for the show, the season premiere has been split into two nights so that they can show the separate entrances of the houseguests. The season premiere is on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. PT/ET on CBS. From there, new episodes of "Big Brother 16" will air every Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday night during the summer.

The names of the winners haven't yet been leaked, but it's possible that some of the fan sites could figure it out before the first two episodes air on CBS. If not, the producers will show it during the typical "pretend it's live" season premiere.

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