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'Big Brother' 2014 season 16 spoilers: Nominations and POV results are revealed

Caleb Reynolds was the second HOH.
Caleb Reynolds was the second HOH.

The premiere episode of "Big Brother" 15 aired earlier this week. Since then, a lot has happened in the "Big Brother" house. Caleb and Frankie made their nominations, the Battle of the Block competition was held and the Power of Veto was won. A replacement nominee for eviction was chosen on June 29, 2014. Warning, a lot of spoilers are in the following section.

Frankie Grande was the first Head of Household and Caleb Reynolds was the second. Frankie chose Victoria and Brittany for eviction and Caleb chose Donny and Paola. "Big Brother" season 16 promises to be the most twisted summer ever due to a new competition called the Battle of the Block. This added competition makes the game a bit more complicated to follow. Brittany and Victoria won the Battle of the Block dethroning Frankie as HOH. Caleb is the only HOH now and his nominees, Donny and Paola, will play for the Power of Veto.

The POV competition was a Technotronics-type of game. Donny Thompson won by spelling the longest word, saving himself from eviction this week. Caleb replaced Donny with Joey Van Pelt. The house guests will choose to send home either Paola or Joey on Thursday. Joey was the first of three houseguests chosen to be on Team America. Fans will find out who the other members of Team America are this week.

Caleb is becoming so obsessed with Amber that it is disturbing. Amber has no interest in Caleb at all. Nicole and Hayden seem to be coupling up. Devin and Brittany got into a quick fight, but Devin has since apologized.

"Big Brother" airs every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday on CBS channel WTEV 47 in Jacksonville. Check back with Examiner often for all the "Big Brother 16" news and spoilers throughout the summer.