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'Big Brother' 2014 live feed spoilers: Veto results for 'Big Brother 16' Week 5

Big Brother 16 is in for a few spoilers this week.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"Big Brother" 2014 live feed spoilers now reveal the Week 5 Veto results. These latest "Big Brother 16" spoilers could lead to an interesting weekend inside the house with all that has transpired. According to a report from Big Brother Network on Saturday (July 26), the winner of the Power of Veto was Hayden. He could now face a difficult decision as to whether or not he should use the Veto to save one of the two nominees.

After the nominations took place and the Battle of the Block competition for Week 5 played out, the two remaining nominees were Jocasta and Victoria. It meant they would really need to battle hard to force the current Head of Household (Frankie) to put up a replacement nominee. As for the six houseguests that had a shot at playing in the Veto competition, they were Jocasta and Victoria as the nominees, Frankie as HOH, and Christine, Donny, and Hayden as the extra players.

Hayden isn't really a part of the main alliance in the house, but he also isn't aligned with either of the two nominees. There is a bug in his ear to use it, though, and signs are pointing toward him doing exactly that. If it is up to Frankie, Hayden will use the Veto on Victoria, saving her from a possible eviction. His plan is to the nominate Amber as the replacement. Amber would then become the target, but it seems that Frankie could face some backlash from his alliance (namely from Coby and Derrick).

Apparently there are more "Big Brother" 2014 live feed spoilers in this regard, as Frankie has a backup plan to go to if Caleb fights against Amber being nominated. That plan would result in Caleb getting nominated himself and he would likely get voted right out of the house. The next episode of "Big Brother 16" airs on Sunday night (July 27) according to the CBS web site for the show and it will be very interesting to see what interactions the producers decide to show this weekend.

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