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Big Brother 16 week one spoilers; HOH's; Nominees

Big Brother 16 spoilers
Big Brother 16 spoilers

Big Brother 16 started off as promised with a bang and it seems like the summer of twists is bound to be an exciting one.

Big Brother 16 spoilers

Big Brother 16 started off in two parts this year with eight houseguests entering the house on day one and the other eight on day two.

On each night a HOH was chosen and the houseguests were told of just some of the twists that will happen this summer.

One of the many twists was that two HOH's would be chosen each week, and they would each get to nominate two houseguests for eviction each week.

Then they were informed that those nominees would face off against each other in a new competition called Battle of the Block.

The two nominees who won BotB would be taken off the block and the person who nominated them would lose their position as HOH. The other HOH's nominations would stay on the block up for eviction.

in the first HOH competition on day one, Frankie won. On day two when the other eight houseguests entered the BB house, Caleb won.

Nominations were held and Frankie nominated Victoria and Brittany and Caleb voted Pow Pow and Donny to be on the eviction block and to face off in teams in the Battle of the Block.

In the first ever Battle of the Block competition, Victoria and Brittany won, ensuring that Caleb stayed reigning HOH and Frankie was dethroned as HOH meaning that he could possibly be put on the block and evicted depending on the Power of Veto.

The Have Nots were also decided and Cody, Joey, Brittany, and Hayden are Have Nots. The Have Not room is an ice room and is is reportedly ice cold in looks and temperature.

One more twist this year is called Team America where the viewers get to vote for three of the houseguests who will form an alliance and do what America asks them to do each week. If they do the mission and succeed then they each get $5000 per mission completed.

The first member of the team voted by viewers was Joey, the other two will be voted for and revealed in the next two weeks.

So far the houseguests seem to be enjoying each others company, with no fights or drama happening..yet.

Stay tuned here for the latest spoilers and happening going on in the Big Brother house.

Power of Veto will be played sometime later today and it could be used to save Pow Pow or Donny, meaning anyone else could be nominated for eviction.

Big Brother 16 can be seen on CBS every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.

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