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'Big Brother 16' week 4 spoilers: Cody explains nomination choice to Donny

Big Brother 16 week 4 spoilers: Cody explains nomination choice to Donny
Big Brother 16 week 4 spoilers: Cody explains nomination choice to Donny
Photo courtesy of CBS Big Brother 16 live feeds and used with permission

The “Big Brother 16” houseguests have lived together for four weeks and there have been several alliances that have formed and then quickly gone by the wayside. But it seems that when it comes to an eviction, all the houseguests vote unanimously.

“Big Brother 16” live feed subscribers have heard a lot of talk about who they should evict this week. If fans rewind the live feeds to July 21 at approximately 11:46 p.m. PT, they will find a conversation between Cody and Donny in the Fire Room. This is a spoiler alert directly taken from the “Big Brother 16” subscription live feeds.

Cody and Frankie won the Head of Household game involving the eggs. After the Battle of the Block Cody remained the sole Head of Household, leaving Brittany and Victoria as the nominees for eviction. Victoria won the Power of Veto and took herself off the block. Cody put Donny up on the block as a replacement nominee.

This infuriated most subscribers when it happened because Cody had promised Donny he would not put him up and assured him that Caleb was the replacement nominee. During the conversation in the Fire Room, Cody tried to explain to Donny why he did not put Caleb up on the block.

Cody explained to Donny that he had no intention of putting him up but after he told several other people that he was going to put Caleb up as the replacement nominee they did not like the idea. Rather than make a big move and get blood on his hands, as they say in the “Big Brother” house, Cody went with the house.

Cody continued, telling Donny he received absolute assurance that the other houseguests will unanimously vote Brittany out this week.Cody told Donny he will not receive a single vote to be evicted. The conversation between Cody and Donny continued and Cody explained that Brittany has no alliances in the house and has not gotten along with anyone for quite some time. Donny, on the other hand, is in the secret Team America alliance with Frankie and Derrick.

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