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'Big Brother 16' Tour the BB16 house

We toured the new Big Brother 16 house via video with Julie Chen. This season’s theme is the “Urban Treehouse.” The walls are made of wooden paneling to make it like and feel like one is sitting in a tree house looking at what seems to be an open sky, but it is really just wall paper.

Living room
Living room
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'Big Brother 16' Tour the house

The color pallet in the living room this year is earthy, with green couches and a wooden coffee table.

This summer there are 76 HD cameras. That is 11 more cameras than last year and more cameras than what were at the Superbowl or at the Oscars!

One bedroom is called the "Earth Bedroom." The pillows on the bed look like rocks.


All of the bedroom are named after elements. There is the "Earth Bedroom" and the "Wind Bedroom." The third is called the "Fire Bedroom." There are only 3 double beds, so house guests will be sharing beds in that room.

The lounge is called "The Beehive room." This is where house guests are going to go to pow pow, gossip and vent. There is a photo booth in the “Hive” room and it will make BB16 this season more interactive than ever. Julie hinted that HGs will be able to talk to the outside world “if we let you.”

The Head of Household bedroom’s bed looks like bird’s nest or “a love nest,” as Julie put it.

The element of the bathroom is "The Water Room." Julie shared that BB gets very “dirty” and that there will be a lot of cleaning up to do!

Perched above everything else is the “Treehouse.” When sitting there, Julie says, “You feel like you rule the world.”

The kitchen is the center of it all. The center island looks like a chopping block.

See it all in motion for yourself on June 25th!

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