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'Big Brother 16' spoilers: Women remain target of eviction in 2014 'Big Brother'

Big Brother 16 seems to be targeting the women again.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"Big Brother 16" spoilers from the live feeds reveal the targets for the nomination ceremony. These latest "Big Brother 16" spoilers stem from conversations taking place late Thursday (July 24) and early Friday (July 25) by the new people in charge of the house. As seen on the last episode of the show, it was Frankie and Zach that won the two HOH spots. Now, according to a report from Big Brother Network, the two guys have a plan in place for who they are going to nominate.

It may come as no surprise that the women are getting targeted again in the house and it is showing (once again) that the ladies should have tried harder to form that all-girl alliance. It looks like four more women are going to be nominated in Week 5, with some of them going up on the block yet again. Zach is planning to nominate Nicole and Christine, with Frankie planning to go after Jocasta and Victoria. It looks like, for now, Amber might just avoid going on the block this week.

Though the Battle of the Block competitions can rely heavily on luck, the HOH pair wants Nicole and Christine to win this one and come off the block. It would then put Jocasta and Victoria at serious risk of going home this week. There had been chatter about someone getting nominated through a "backdoor" plan, and that could certainly lead future "Big Brother 16" spoilers if it takes place. One rumor includes Frankie targeting Zach as the person they try to get out of the house next.

The next episode of the 2014 "Big Brother" season will be on Sunday evening (July 27) according to the CBS main web site. Viewers of the show will officially find out the nominations as well as the results of the latest Battle of the Block competition at that point. A lot could take place in the next few days, so it could be very interesting to see the progress of the nominations as well as how well the Team America selections are doing in their latest mission.

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