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'Big Brother 16' spoilers: Who won the week 4 HOH?

Frankie Grande
Frankie Grande
Big Brother live feeds screenshot

Tonight "Big Brother 16" ended before viewers got to see who won the week 4 HOH. This competition had them set up as partners and then they had to move eggs and race. On the live feeds, Donny shared that these eggs were not hard boiled either. On Thursday, Buddy TV shared who ended up winning this competition.

The show ended with Amber/Zach and Cody/Frankie in the lead trying to win. They each only had one egg. You had to move the eggs through a little wire and then get them out at the end. Gina Marie won this competition before. Whichever team won it, would be the two head of households for the night. It was an interesting twist to see them as a team doing this competition.

Fans were sitting at home watching the live feeds waiting for it to come on. They didn't share any of the competition on the feeds. Most people pay for the feeds for this exact reason so it frustrating that they decided to not show it at all. When the feeds came back up, the winner was announced. Cody and Frankie won HOH. This means they will both be putting up two people on the block during week 4.

Wet Paint shared the news that Team America is supposed to put a physical threat on the block this week. That is there goal. It is easy to assume that Caleb would be their choice, but it is unknown for sure who they will decide on as their target. Frankie, Donny and Derick will be in charge of doing this so that they can get their $5,000 for the week.

Don't miss the next episode of "Big Brother 16" when it airs on Sunday night. You will get to see this HOH competition on this show. This is one that you will not want to miss.