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'Big Brother 16' spoilers: Week three nominees announced

Julie Chen is the host of "Big Brother"
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Season 16 of “Big Brother” has been nothing short of dramatic. From the break-up/make-up of “Zankie” to Devin's different personalities, this show has been chaotic. Yesterday marked the beginning of week three. Derrick and Nicole won the “Head of Household” competition, and both were on the same page of who needs to go out the door this week. According to a July 11 tweet from Big Brother Leak, Derrick nominated Caleb and Jocasta for eviction while Nicole nominated Amber and Donny. All four nomination are pawns since Devin is the main target.

This week in the “Big Brother” house is going to be intense. Everyone is on the same page with Devin going home. The “Battle of the Block” will happen at some point tonight, leaving just two nominations left. Fans are split between who they want to win, but many are pulling for Donny to get off the block and remain safe. The ultimate goal is to have either the “HOH” or one of the nominees win the “Power of Veto” so Devin can be placed on the block with no chance of getting safety.

One of the best “Big Brother” twists for Season 16 has been “Team America.” It was revealed that Derrick, Donny, and Frankie were the three chosen by America. Their first mission is to spread a rumor around the house that one of the houseguests is related to someone from last season. It appears they chose Zach and are going to say he is related to Amanda from Season 15 of “Big Brother.” Will that hurt or help his game?

There is going to be a lot happening in the “Big Brother” house over the next few days. “The Battle of the Block” will be played in just a few hours. “Power of Veto” will be done tomorrow and the ceremony should happen Sunday or Monday. As long as things stay the same in the house, Devin should be walking out of the door next Thursday.

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