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'Big Brother 16' spoilers: Week 8 nominations, target revealed in 'Big Brother'

Julie Chen is close to handing out the cash prize again.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"Big Brother 16" spoilers from Friday (Aug. 15) include the Week 8 HOH nominations. It doesn't end there for the latest "Big Brother 16" spoilers, though, as a new target has emerged in the house. According to a report from Big Brother Network, Derrick nominated Christine and Donny for eviction and Frankie nominated Caleb and Cody. This marks the first time that Cody has been up on the block and it gives Zach a brief reprieve from being a Head of Household target this week.

The current plan by the new incarnation of "The Detonators" is to target Donny for eviction. Now that they succeeded in getting Nicole out of the house, he is the biggest threat that isn't part of the alliance. Somehow Derrick convinced them to let him remain the HOH this week, with Christine ready to throw the Battle of the Block competition. It will save Caleb and Cody, but remove Frankie as the second HOH. It also puts him at risk like Nicole was last week.

The additional plan here, is that if Donny is able to win the Power of Veto again, that Victoria will be used as a replacement nominee. The current plan is to then vote her out of the house, but things have a way of shifting during the week in this house. On paper, their plan seems pretty well thought-out and it appears that "The Detonators" will survive the week unscathed again. The worst-case scenario for them would be to have Victoria win the Veto and then save Donny.

Could the upcoming eviction ceremony really be Christine vs. Zach when it comes to the voting? It's possible, so fans will want to keep a look out for further "Big Brother 16" spoilers as the weekend hits. According to the main CBS site for the show, the next episode of the show will air on Sunday night (Aug. 17). It is then that the Team America vote and the Week 8 nominations will be revealed to viewers. At that point viewers will also learn whether Donny is going to attempt to pull of the next Team America mission.

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