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'Big Brother 16' spoilers: Week 7 Veto ceremony shocker for 'Big Brother' 2014

Who will host Julie Chen talk to at the 2014 BB16 finale?
Who will host Julie Chen talk to at the 2014 BB16 finale?
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"Big Brother 16" spoilers from the Week 7 Veto ceremony are quite shocking. The 2014 "Big Brother" season has certainly been unpredictable and these spoilers go down that road some more. According to a report from Big Brother Network on Monday (Aug. 11), Head of Household Christine when with a surprising houseguest as her replacement nominee. This came after Zach used the Power of Veto that he had won during a weekend competition.

So who was it that Christine chose to nominated? She went after Nicole, putting her up on the block next to Donny. This is the first time that an HOH that was removed from power ended up getting nominated in that same week. It shows that the Battle of the Block is more important than previously thought and it is going to lead to some regrets from Nicole if things go according to plan. It looks like the house is ready to make Nicole the next eviction target on Thursday (Aug. 14).

It was also reported that Nicole has started to break down in the house as it looks nearly impossible for her to get the votes to stay in the game. What made it worse was that Christine had promised her that she would not be nominated, marking yet another instance where she ended up using Nicole to get what she wanted in the house. What it has done is create another jury member that will not want to vote for Christine to win the $500,000 prize under any conditions.

Fans of the show hoping that Nicole and Hayden could be reunited in the game are going to have to settle for the couple meeting up in the jury house. Host Julie Chen hinted before that one of the jury members could get to return to the game, but the specific information on how that will work has not yet been revealed. These Week 7 "Big Brother 16" spoilers show once again that the women should have tried to work together earlier in the season, because they are still getting picked off.